News - Spring 2021

News this spring includes an update about this year's Edge of the Wild gathering and a suggestion to 'save the date' for some online connection 22nd - 25 July 2021 - see below. There's also CONFER's new online webinars, a 'Towards a new way of being with plants' online June conference, and a new book from Mary-Jayne Rust, founder of this website.


A message from the 'Edge of the Wild' ecopsychology gathering organisers about the cancelled summer 2021 event:

Unfortunately we are unable to meet in person this year as the venue, Green and Away, do not have the resources (namely volunteer support during set up) to host events under pandemic regulations. We hope to connect virtually so please save the date 22nd-25th July 2021 and, if you're not already on it, consider joining our mailing list by sending us a brief message!

CONFER eco image.jpg

New live webinar series from CONFER: Eco-psychotherapy: Reclaiming our indigenous relationship with nature. Monday 12 April – 18 October 2021 – A Live Webinar Series - full info.

These webinars have emerged out of the postponement of the 2021 Diploma ‘Eco Psychotherapy and the Emerging Adolescent Mind’ to 2022, due to ongoing Covid restrictions. It is impossible to ignore the impact of the environmental crisis we are currently facing. It is now unequivocally clear the contemporary, industrial model for social development not only has had a fatal impact on many ecosystems of the earth but also a detrimental effect on human mental health and psychological well-being. With Bayo Akomolafe, Nora Bateson, Michael Boyle, Karen Carberry, Tom Cheetham, Roger Duncan, David Key, Meredith Little, Graham Music, Robert Romanyshyn, Arne Rubinstein, Sue Stuart-Smith.

Toward a New Way of Being with Plants is a free online conference being held on June 17-18, 2021, organised by the University of Minnesota, USA, in association with other partnership organisations. More details hereThis free two-day online event will explore human/plant connections, including ethics in human treatment of plants, plant sentience and communication, and opportunities for developing more respectful and reciprocal relationships between humans and plants. Any questions please contact the organisers.

New book! Towards an Ecopsychotherapy by Mary-Jayne Rust 

It's exciting to announce the publication of a new book from Mary-Jayne, founder of this website, and central to the UK ecopsychology community: 'Towards an Ecopsychotherapy'. This book offers diverse stories, from the therapy room to therapy in the forest, about the healing process of reconnection with the more-than-human world as well as with our wild animal selves. It provides an insight into ecopsychotherapy in practice by outlining its history, key themes, ideas, and controversies. This book is for anyone in the caring professions who seeks to practice therapy with the earth in mind, and for those struggling with eco-anxiety or eco-grief who wish to deepen their relationship with the Earth and find hope in turbulent times. As climate chaos quickens and increasing numbers of people are waking up to the seriousness of our environmental crisis, we are becoming more aware of our dysfunctional relationship with the earth – the body on whom we depend for everything. Ecopsychotherapy can help to support our reconnection with nature and to discover hope in turbulent times. More info/buy  Mary-Jayne's book.

Or watch a short CONFER video about Mary-Jayne's new book.

Towards an ecopsychotherapy was published by CONFER books in July, 2020, ISBN 978-1913494124.