News - Autumn 2020

News of a book from Mary-Jayne Rust and an update about next year's Edge of the Wild gathering, cancelled this summer because of the covid-19 pandemic....

New book! Towards an Ecopsychotherapy by Mary-Jayne Rust 

It's exciting to announce the publication of a new book from Mary-Jayne, founder of this website, and central to the UK ecopsychology community: 'Towards an Ecopsychotherapy'. This book offers diverse stories, from the therapy room to therapy in the forest, about the healing process of reconnection with the more-than-human world as well as with our wild animal selves. It provides an insight into ecopsychotherapy in practice by outlining its history, key themes, ideas, and controversies. This book is for anyone in the caring professions who seeks to practice therapy with the earth in mind, and for those struggling with eco-anxiety or eco-grief who wish to deepen their relationship with the Earth and find hope in turbulent times. As climate chaos quickens and increasing numbers of people are waking up to the seriousness of our environmental crisis, we are becoming more aware of our dysfunctional relationship with the earth – the body on whom we depend for everything. Ecopsychotherapy can help to support our reconnection with nature and to discover hope in turbulent times. More info/buy  Mary-Jayne's book.

Or watch a short CONFER video about Mary-Jayne's new book.

Towards an ecopsychotherapy was published by CONFER books in July, 2020, ISBN 978-1913494124.

A message from the 'Edge of the Wild' ecopsychology gathering organisers about the cancelled summer 2020 event:

As we each walk our own winding trails through this time of often painful uncertainty; today marks the day when for some of us we would be arriving at Green and Away for The Edge of The Wild 2020.


The Gathering has taken place every year since 2012 and the mood during the early organisation of this year’s gathering was one of excitement as we welcomed the energy and diversity of our key guest’s offerings and invited the other than human into the heart of the gathering.

It would of course not been safe to meet this year due to the current pandemic but the Organising Group would like to offer reassurance that we are committed to hosting The Edge of The Wild next year to bring to life the vision of


I can’t hear you, can you hear me?

Listening to the other-than-human and to other humans

22-25 july 2021


If you feel you have some time and energy to offer to the organisation of the gathering, and would like to know more about being a member of the Organising Group 2021 please email your interest before the end of September.


For some the pandemic has brought peaceful contemplation and time with family and the other than human, while for others their lives have been absorbed by anxiety; fear and “key working”


Over the next few days our Facebook page will be enriched with photos of past gatherings, information of next year’s gathering and we hope offerings from the community.


If you have a poem, dream, image or just want to be heard please email us and we will do our best to share with the community over the coming days.


Or perhaps we could hear from you if/how the lockdown has impacted your relationship with the other than and more than human worlds?


Let’s imagine a collective emerging from burrows… To The Edge of the Wild 2021


With Love

The 2020-21 Organising Group