edge of the wild 2017

UK ecopsychology gathering VI


“...a mad weir of tigerish waters, a prism of delight and pain…” (Louis MacNeice)

13th—16th July 2017 at Green & Away, Worcestershire

Early bird £210. Full rate £245 (after 1st May). Concession £165. Book here.

Come and join us for this 6th UK ecopsychology gathering with activist Tina Louise Rothery and shamanic practitioners John Cantwell and Karen Ward.

As we started our planning process the government gave a fracking site in Lancashire the green light. A flaming tiger and other sacred messengers came to us in our collective dreaming, and the title ‘Fraktured Psyche’ emerged from our reflections.

Bringing together the political and imaginal, we will join together in reflection, dream, play, and action; celebrating delight and being present with the pain. There'll be offerings of bodywork as we unfurl into each day... social dreaming as we gather together... invited speakers (details over page)...a rich programme of workshops—with some focusing on the theme of deepening and broadening ecopsychology practice....open spaces for spontaneous offerings....Jess Tanner, visiting environmental artist, supporting our creativity... live music from ’Seize the Day’ and fireside open mic, with Robbie and Fi.

As ever we will live alongside the many other-than-human species in this beautiful part of Worcestershire with swimming in the river Teme and scenic walks. We'll be welcomed, hosted and fed by the generous-spirited people of Green and Away at their tented conference centre. So whether this you're a first-timer or seasoned participant we look forward to seeing you at this year's event.... 

Speaker Information: 

Tina Louise Rothery

In exploring the activist side of our ecopsychological response to the dire current global threats we could think of no better person to guide us than Tina Louise Rothery, who campaigns to prevent fracking in the UK and challenges a system of government that facilitates this amongst other dangerous, undemocratic decisions.

A freelance copywriter before activism took over in 2011, she's been working with others in communities across the country to ensure residents are properly informed by combatting the lies, spin and PR of industry driven solely by profit and facilitated by a compliant government. A grandmother, Tina describes what she does as quite simply, an obligation to protect our young.



John Cantwell and Karen Ward 

Following the desire for greater connection with more-than-human life and the imaginal realm, we felt inspired to invite two Celtic shamans to share their work. Husband and wife John Cantwell and Karen Ward are co-directors of Slí An Chroí (Pathway of The Heart) Shamanism, an organisation dedicated to mind, body and spiritual health shamanic practices, particularly as held in their native Irish (Pre-Celtic and Celtic) tradition. Since 2005 they have brought private therapy clinic practice, a training school, community gatherings and international expeditions together as a way of offering resources of their indigenous healing and wisdom lineage. John’s primary dedication is facilitating and drawing from grassroots practices, building a “bottom up” evidence based foundation for new shamanic, creative approaches to health and wellbeing in a wide range of environments. He was the final keynote presenter at the 2016 Shamanic Lands conference in London. Karen is also a psychotherapist. Her MA and current PhD both focus on the interrelationship between healing shamanic technologies and psychotherapy. http://www.slianchroi.ie/about.htm

The 2017 Workshop Programme

John Cantwell and Karen Ward - Create a Community Burla Ghui

Saturday morning's invited speakers, both Celtic shamans, will be offering a workshop to create a Community Burla Ghui, which is a Celtic Prayer Bundle for healing a Fraktured Psyche. More information.

Michael Connors – Wild Mind, Soul Craft

A talk and experiential workshop by a Wild Mind practitioner. Exploring ecopsychology and focusing into the work of depth ecopsychologist Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley institute. More information


Jayne Johnson & Tom Henfrey: Elemental activism

‘Shamanic Empowerment for Environmental and Social Action’. The element for this workshop is ‘water’ and we’ll be guided by the river and the weather into the experience. There will be space for spontaneity, an organic unfolding, flowing with what emerges and Shamanic practice. More information.


Moira Lake – The Sacred Alliance: Standing Strong with All Earth

As humans alone, we lack the power or wisdom to heal this world. Now is the time to stand together in equal alliance with all life on Earth. We will work with the consciousness within all being, with the spirits of the trees and waters of this land, and with others who step forward to meet us. Participants will begin the profound shift into deep, reciprocal collaboration with Earth and our other-than-human relatives, so that all may work together to create a world that is truly good to live in. More information


David Matthews – Call and Response

Many of us long to sing, but fear holds us back. This workshop offers a simple, yet profound approach to singing, involving call and response, time alone to listen for your natural voice, and a safe space to sing solo to the group, if you wish. Please bring a notebook and pen, and a favourite song to share.

Tina Rothery - Non-Violent Direct Action to Protect the Earth

Friday morning's invited speaker, Lancashire anti-fracking activist Tina Rothery, will be offering a workshop helping us to develop skills in non-violent direction action to protect the earth. More information. 


Jess Tanner - Charcoal & Mark Making Workshop

For up to 8 participants, this will be a chance to firstly make charcoal around the fire and then to mark make together. With Jess Tanner, the artist-in-residence for this event. More information

Nick Totton – Doing and Being

Do we focus on urgent action to deal with a terrifyingly urgent situation, or do we need to honour the ecosystemic and psychotherapeutic vision, staying with our feelings and honouring process? Is the Tao te Ching right when it says that ‘The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering’? I think many of us are struggling to find a good balance between these two pulls. I want to offer a structure where we can explore these questions, and ask whether the polarity of doing and being is really an ‘either/or’ or a ‘both/and’. More information


Gill Westcott – Land Spirit and Environmental Action

I offer a conversation about how relationship with the land can support us in our action to defend the natural world, and in developing ways of living where people and land both flourish.  Part will be sharing stories and part a conversation about practices and ceremonies which nourish individuals and groups through relationship with particular places and landscapes.

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Artwork and Credits: Fire Tiger Tribal by the artist Black Tiger of Evil - more information here. The quote stating 'a mad weir...' is an excerpt from ‘Entirely’ by Louis MacNeice.

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